Comforting children with cancer.

Though Aflac has been around since 1955, it wasn’t until 2000 that the Aflac Duck became a part of our family. Since then, he has been both a comedic brand icon as well as a symbol of Aflac’s support of children fighting cancer. And now, he’s comforting the children of Northern Ireland.

Introducing My Special Aflac Duck™. A cuddly, comforting companion for children ages 3 and up who have cancer, this is Aflac Northern Ireland’s promise that you are not alone. In partnership with Children’s Cancer Unit Charity, Aflac Northern Ireland has committed to provide this robotic companion to paediatric cancer patients, free of charge.

My Special Aflac Duck™

This soft and soothing companion helps children prepare for medical procedures, communicate their feelings, practise distraction techniques and so much more. To request a My Special Aflac Duck™ for a child fighting cancer, please contact the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity.

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Medical play accessories

The duck is designed to accompany children during treatment and can be used in medical play. The duck comes equipped with a port-a-cath, stethoscope, pulse oximeter, syringe and even self-adherent bandage.

Cyber Security

Feeling cards

Children can communicate their feelings by tapping one of the 7 included feeling cards to the lights on the duck’s chest.

Continuous Learning

Soundscape spaceship

Designed with specialists and psychologists, Soundscapes™ let children listen to the sounds of a forest, ocean, farm or amusement park - perfect for practising distraction therapy.

Download the free app.

Download the free companion app to extend the duck’s features and discover the duck’s virtual world.

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